Ornamental Multiculturalism: Kimchi, Korean Boy Band, and Costco

The convergence of cultures begs for some reflection of what it means to live in such variety of expressions.

New Curriculum -

The 3rd and last series of a comprehensive 3-year curriculum series is here!!

G2G-KODIA Integration Celebration Service

G2G & KODIA have integrated to serve the Korean/ Asian North American churches, youths, teachers/ leaders, & parents to be equipped and empowered with curriculum and mentorship.

G2G — “Who We Are”

Please Click to see the G2G Promo Video and learn more about G2G vision and purpose.
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Living Faithfully: 3rd Year Curriculum in Printing!!

Recent Articles

Lost in Translation: Silent Exodus and the Korean-American Church Part 1 by James Hyonroh Lee

Globalization is striking America back. Roughly defined as socio-cultural-economic interrelatedness of the world and its occupants, globalization has existed since the beginning of humanity. However, the rate, breadth and intensity of the current process of globalization has...
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Faith and Sports by Randy Choi

Sports have always been a major part of my life. I grew up watching and playing basketball. I was obsessed with The Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s, also known as ‘showtime’ basketball and Magic Johnson was my favorite player. I remember I use to get so upset whenever the Lakers...
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