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Equipping Generations of Asian North American Christian Leaders Through Education and Empowerment.

Ornamental Multiculturalism: Kimchi, Korean Boy Band, and Costco

The convergence of cultures begs for some reflection of what it means to live in such variety of expressions.

G2G's Latest Product

G2G has its Second Series of High School Curriculum, Living Together, written together by top pastors, theologians to help develop Christian identity for 2nd Generation Korean North Americans.
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G2G — “Who We Are”

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Empowering the People for Justice

How do we empower Asian Americans to do acts of justice in the name of Jesus in this country and abroad?
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Recent Articles

Faith and Sports by Randy Choi

Sports have always been a major part of my life. I grew up watching and playing basketball. I was obsessed with The Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s, also known as ‘showtime’ basketball and Magic Johnson was my favorite player. I remember I use to get so upset whenever the Lakers...
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Disability and the Asian American Church: From Shame to Strength? by Amos Yong, PhD.

Generalizations that Western cultures are guilt-based and Asian cultures are shame-based, while highlighting one relevant distinction, may make less of a difference when dealing with disability, and are certainly less applicable when discussing the Asian American experience,...
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A Multi-Ethnic Perspective on Inter-Ethnic Community Relationships by Eric Ferguson

A Multi-Ethnic Perspective on Inter-Ethnic Community Relationships I have been blessed to live in a region of the United States where I was able to positively identify with both sides of my ethnic heritage. As a multi-ethnic person in Southern California, I was not limited to...
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