Welcome to the G2G-KODIA Christian Education Center!

Our Vision: Envisioning, education, and empowering Asian North American churches and communities from generation to generation through research, leadership training, educational conferences, and curriculum development.

Questions People Often Ask Us

  • What is G2G-KODIA?

    Generation to Generation, Glory to Glory. G2G stands for Generation to Generation and KODIA is Korean Diaspora Christian Education. It is inspired by a story in Deuteronomy where Moses, in his farewell sermon to the post-Exodus Israelites, reminds them of God’s providence, guidance, and protection as he led them out of Egypt and through the wilderness. G2G-KODIA hopes to be that voice of Moses -- leading churches and parents of Korean and Asian North American children to teach their children about their spiritual history so they can also remember and take ownership of their faith and role in God’s blessing and mission.
  • Why is G2G-KODIA needed?

    Asian North Americans experience cultural confusion, conflict, and identity crises, despite high academic and economic achievements. For those caught between North American and Asian cultures, G2G-KODIA is committed to providing relevant tools for solidifying their faith and identity so that their God-given potential can be actualized. All of G2G-KODIA’s work is focused on researching, teaching, and empowering Asian North American youths and their teachers, pastors, and parents, to grow stronger in Jesus Christ.
  • What does G2G-KODIA do?

    · Provide tools and resources (such as curriculum) for Korean and Asian North American pastors, youth, and parents. · Host seminars & conferences for Asian North American parents, pastors, and teachers. · Provide networking and mentorship opportunities for youth workers, parents, youth, and young adults. · Stay tuned for our first ever Korean North American Youth Conference!
  • How is G2G-KODIA supported?

    · G2G-KODIA is funded through generous donations of individuals and churches. · The Living Series curriculum projects have been enabled by a generous grant from KODIA (the Korean Diaspora Christian Education Institute) in Toronto, Canada before G2G and KODIA integrated on May 13, 2016. · We are also supported through prayers and volunteers, who have donated their time and skills to assist with preparation and operation of conferences and workshops.
  • How can we get involved?

    ● Partner your church to be a host for G2G-KODIA seminars and events ● We are looking for pilot groups (leaders and students) to provide feedback on our latest curriculum. To participate in this group, contact us and let us know! ● Share your wisdom and experience on our forum http://smalltoawesome.com/g2g/forums/forum/g2g-forum/ ● Submit a guest blog entry for the G2G-KODIA website by e-mailing g2gkodiausa@gmail.com with your name, background, and blog entry. ● Join us at our next conference! (Stay tuned by checking our website regularly!) ● Connect your churches, friends, and families to G2G-KODIA by sharing about us!

How You Can Support Us

Regular Prayer: Your prayers for G2G-KODIA's ministry and staff are crucial. Please remember us in your prayers! Volunteer: Your time, expertise, and unique skills are desired for the preparation and operation of our various events including conferences, workshops, and community gatherings. Donation: Your financial support will help us launch new projects and strengthen our existing programs. To make your tax-deductible donation, please make checks payable to G2G Center (Currently in process of changing the name to G2G-KODIA) and you can send to G2G-KODIA Center C/O Hak Joon Lee P.O. Box 2831, Pasadena, CA 91102