Ornamental Multiculturalism: Kimchi, Korean Boy Band, and Costco

The convergence of cultures begs for some reflection of what it means to live in such variety of expressions.

G2G-KODIA Integration Celebration Service

G2G & KODIA have integrated to serve the Korean/ Asian North American churches, youths, teachers/ leaders, & parents to be equipped and empowered with curriculum and mentorship.

G2G-KODIA — “Who We Are”

Please Click to see the G2G-KODIA Promo Video and learn more about G2G-KODIA vision and purpose.
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Living Faithfully: 3rd Year Curriculum Is Here!! Check them out on our Curriculum Section!!

Recent G2G-KODIA Articles

A Missing Category

A Missing Category by  Dr. Hak Joon Lee I am known as a Martin Luther King, Jr. scholar among my colleagues at Fuller.   It is an honor I received after publishing two books on Dr. King. Over the last several years, I have delivered numerous lectures on him on various occasions...
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The Korean Immigrant Church in the Mainline Context

The Korean Immigrant Church in the Mainline Context by Dr. Hak Joon Lee The Korean immigrant church was for me a safe place and haven from feeling like a foreigner and out of place at the school, neighborhood or shopping mall. It was the place where you could feel “normal” for...
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2014 Staff Transitions

Hello G2G Community! We at G2G have had a busy year in 2014, publishing & launching our first year of the Living Between curriculum, adding two new staff members, and saying goodbye (or, see you later, depending on who you ask) to one original member. James Lee is a recent...
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When a Community Disappears: A Survival Lesson from the Virginia Tech Tragedy

The Virginia Tech incident was an enormous shock and overwhelming sadness for people not only in America, but also all over the world.  This most fatal school massacre in U.S. history happened at a bucolic university campus in a rolling Blue Ridge mountain area of southwest...
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